Potato Factory v1.0.0.1
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Mod Potato Factory v1.0.0.1 for Farming Simulator 2022

potato plant

- 4 new products
- Reworked textures
- Sell prices adjusted
- Building prices have been adjusted
- A new building (greenhouse) for onions can be found in the Production section.
- Now you can sell your products besides the train kiosk
- Log is now error-free
- Warning: this version is NOT compatible with SaveGame, in order to avoid errors, please clear the factory and remove the building from the map before dragging the new version into the mod folder (just delete the old zip) - this is the first and last wipe is necessary.

This mod adds new production chains and end products to the game.
This is currently limited to the following products:

Potato chips
potato pancakes
potato salad
French fries

In the future, this chain will expand and expand.

Which includes:
Butcher shop (minced meat, fillet)
breadcrumbs factory
milk yogurt factory

Once these additional productions are up and running, several of the recipes now available at the Potato Factory will also change. So please keep this to your heart's content.
In addition, this mod adds a wholesaler to the game. With this you could do everything
sell their products or take them away by train.

Credits: Giants / DonnyBresko


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