Lizard Multipurpose Sheds v1.1.0.0
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These sheds have several applications: they can be used for vehicles, storage of bulk or packaged materials, or even with the possibility of automatic storage of items.

The entrances are high and wide enough to accommodate almost any vehicle and tool.
The lighting inside the canopies is manually adjusted at any point of the building. The lamps outside, above the gate, turn on automatically at night.
This pack includes 4 buildings, 3 of them have an item storage function that can be disabled and used instead as a regular shed. You can turn it on again at any time.
NOTE: The storage mode should be switched only if the storage is empty!

Baling shed:
Automatic storage of bales or pallets can be disabled.
Capacity of the facility: 1200
Price: $20,000
Daily maintenance: $10

Storage of consumables:
Walls with a choice of colors.
Automatic storage of pallets only - can be disabled.
Pallet capacity: 200
Price: $ 128,000
Daily maintenance: $40

Carport and storage
Gates with a choice of colors.
Price: $ 194,000
Daily maintenance: $60

Sheds and storage for vehicles:
Choice of gate color and small details.
Automatic storage of bales or pallets can be disabled.
Capacity of the facility: 2000
Price: $ 236,000
Daily maintenance: $70

In version
- Fixed clearing and leveling of plots for buildings.
- Added icicles hanging from the roof, visible in winter.
- The attribute "boughtWithFarmland" is set to "true" for all hosted objects, so cartographers can now set them as pre-placed buildings that can be bought for farmland, and therefore for any farm in a multiplayer game.

Credits: MrHector


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