Industrial BGA v1.0.0.0
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Mod Industrial BGA v1.0.0.0 for Farming Simulator 2022

With improved processing, BGA performance has been improved to provide increased profitability and fermentation speed.
In addition, even greater profits and speed can be achieved by combining fermentation media.
Since the outputs can be stored, methane and electric vehicle refueling and charging points are provided, which also ensures compatibility with the modular BGA.

Increase in cost compared to the sale of raw materials:
Silo -> ~200%
Slurry and manure -> ~1000%
Sliced ​​and whole sugar beets -> ~300%
Potato -> ~200%
Straw -> ~150%
Silage and slurry combined -> ~300%
Straw and slurry combination -> ~400%

Price: £250,000
Maintenance fee: £250/day

Silage, slurry, manure and straw -> 500,000 l each
Cut sugar beet, sugar beet and potatoes -> 90,000 l each
Digestate -> 10,000,000 l
Electric charge -> 1,000,000 kW
Methane -> 1,000,000 l

Credits: Disturbed Simulations


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