Hofpack v1.0.0.0
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Mod Hofpack v1.0.0.0 for Farming Simulator 2022

Farm pack consisting of wooden buildings, with all animals, shelters, decorations and bunkers.
good morning
This is a Hofpack that I put together from the original Giants and other elements of the mod.
Visually, it is made of wood, which I personally really like.
It certainly looks beautiful and you can make a nice cozy courtyard.
What does the packaging consist of:
Residential building inaccessible with sleep trigger
halls and shelters
Raising collar farm silo (thanks to Silak68) with a capacity of 400,000 liters,
250,000 l expansion
big silo
Manure tank (500,000 l), as well as a small superstructure (750,000 l) and
large expansion (3,000,000 l)
Dunghill (4,000,000 l)
Store liquids for: diesel fuel, liquid fertilizers, herbicides, water and milk.
Cowshed - 150 heads
Stable - 10 goals.
Pigsty - 450 pigs
Sheepfold - 200 animals
Chicken coop - 250 heads, with "Apartment"
Nursery - 1 animal
"Vacation Apartment" - Red, yellow or blue banners generate monthly income.
Farm Holidays sign generates monthly income
Barbecue area - decoration

Credits: Giants Papaherz Silak68 Maulwurf63


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