Grain Mill Plus v1.0.0.1
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Mod Grain Mill Plus v1.0.0.1 for Farming Simulator 2022

Grain Mill Plus

- Updated cracked corn textures.
- Added containers for cracked corn, which can also be bought in the store.
- Shredded corn bins are now produced in addition to being stored in bulk in a silo.
*NOTE. In order for the crushed corn to be stored in a silo instead of being produced in bins, it is necessary to change the output in the production menu from "Storage" to "Distribution" so that no cracked corn bins are produced.
- Added the ability to remove unground grain from the grain mill silo.
- Other minor adjustments.

Added features:
- Added the ability to grind corn into cornmeal and crushed corn.
- Custom textures for cracked corn and cornmeal.
- Cornmeal is put on pallets for sale, and crushed corn is stored in a silo in a grain mill.
- Added crushed corn in the "wholesale" and "farm bin" categories so that it can be stored in any bin on the farm and transported in any trailer or shovel.
- Cornmeal and crushed corn can be sold with a sell item included.
- Cracked corn can also be used to feed chickens on maps that are configured to do so.
- Modders are free to use my textures and additions in this mod to add cornmeal or cracked corn to their chicken feed maps, mods, etc. I only ask that I be recognized for my work.
- Pallets of cracked corn can be purchased from the store to use as chicken feed on maps configured to use it.
- Increased pallet generator capacity to 18 pallets.

Credits: Macktrucker921


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