Fuel Refinery Revamp Edition v1.0.0.0
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Mod Fuel Refinery Revamp Edition v1.0.0.0 for Farming Simulator 2022

With this fuel it is possible to produce fuel for oil refineries. With a solar and wind farm on the roof, it is possible to generate energy for electric vehicles. In addition, gas and diesel fuel can be used to generate electricity. Rapeseed, sunflower, olives, soybeans, sugar cane, sugar beets, potatoes and wood chips can be processed into liquid fuels. Methane, compost and pig feed are produced in varying quantities depending on the raw materials used. Liquid fuels can be produced from vegetable oils without waste. Vehicles can be refueled directly. If the fuel is not needed, it can be sold directly. Diesel fuel and methane can be transported with a suitable trailer to the wholesale site and sold there. Revamp or later is required to use this mod and take advantage of the Revamp script for example. the corresponding filling levels can be read directly from the digital displays. Purchase price: €125,000 Capacity: Electricity, methane: 10,000 l Diesel, compost, pig feed, rapeseed, sunflower, olives, soybeans, sugar cane, sugar beet pulp, potatoes, wood chips: 1,000,000 l Rapeseed oil, sunflower oil, olive oil , soybean oil: 1000000 l Cycles per month: 600 cycles Production cost per month: *Electricity from air = 24 € *Electricity from methane = 48 € *Electricity from diesel fuel = 72 € *Diesel from rapeseed = 120 € *Diesel from sunflower = €120 *Olive diesel = €120 *Soybean diesel = €120 *Sugarcane diesel = €240 *Sugarcane diesel = €240 *Potato diesel = €240 *Diesel from wood chips = 360 € *Diesel from rapeseed oil = 600 € *Diesel from sunflower oil = 600 € *Diesel from olive oil = 600 € *Diesel from soybean oil = 600 €
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Credits: ZoddelZockt


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