Field Products Factory v1.0.0.0
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Mod Field Products Factory v1.0.0.0 for Farming Simulator 2022

Are you in the market to produce your own agricultural and livestock products? If yes, then the Lizard GT16502Mk2 might be right for you!

The Lizard Gecko-Tek Farm Solutions team is pleased to present their latest farming technology: the GT16502Mk2 Field Products Factory.

Inspired by the famous NEUERO NL16-22 silo, this plant is capable of producing the following products:
* Grass => Hay
* Potato => Silage
* Grass => Silage
* chaff => silo
* Cutting sugar beet => Silage
* Sugar beet => Silage
* Straw + Water => Manure
* Hay+Silage => TMR
* Feed+Straw+Water => TMR
* Digestate => Solid fertilizer
* Manure => Solid fertilizer

GT16502Mk2 has the following memory capacity:
* Water and food => 880,000
* All other materials => 1,650,000

Prices and service charges:
* Price => $100,000
* Cycles per month => 864
* Production costs per month => $120
* Daily Maintenance => $50

The two fans animate when the factory is actively recycling materials. The speed will change on one of them depending on the time of day.

Contact your local licensed LIZARD dealer for more information or to schedule a product demonstration. Be sure to ask about financial opportunities! ;)

Credits: FarmerJeb


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