Fed Production Pack v1.8.0.0
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Mod Fed Production Pack v1.8.0.0 for Farming Simulator 2022

Completely forgot to install here V1.8
- New production carpenter with the production of beehive, empty wooden boxes, wooden barrels, empty pallets and furniture
- New industrial cheese factory with the production of cheese, cream cheese and mozzarella
- New production bakery with the production of bread, buns, pastries and cakes
- New production gravel plant with production of gravel, sand, earth and stones
- Apple, cherry, plum and pear orchards with further production line with beehive and honey production
- Fixed a scheduled error message in the malthouse
- Extensive English translation of all productions
- Light poles at the flour mill moved slightly
- Added pallet sawmill change job with boards.
- Slightly increased the capacity of products from the sawmill
- Pellet pallets loading bug fixed
- Ballentrigger feed mill now also accepts alfalfa hay bales.
- Gardens added missing small building collision

Better late than never. This is now my FED production package. The pack is a summary of all mods produced by platziebare from me.
The Fed Mods package currently consists of
Fertilizer production (turning manure and slurry into fertilizers).
Seed production (From grain like wheat + fertilizer we sow)
Digester (From grass and/or chaff to silage)
Compound feed plant (compound feed for cows and production of compound feed for feeding pigs)
Oil refinery (from rapeseed or sunflower to diesel fuel and pig feed)

Credits: FedAction


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