Fed Production Pack v1.5.0.0
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Mod Fed Production Pack v1.5.0.0 for Farming Simulator 2022

Option 1.5 flour mill dairy and wastewater treatment plant
- New industrial flour mill with the production of wheat flour, rye flour, spelled flour and bran flour as a by-product
- New industrial treatment plant where sewage, liquid manure and fermentation residues are converted into compost and water
- New mini industrial wastewater treatment plant, a small station where wastewater is produced with service
- New dairy production with production of butter, whole milk, cream, curd and yogurt, + waste water
- The woodcutter's consumption of empty pallets corresponds to the size of a log pallet.
- Fixed signs of bulk products of the brewery.
- Various hotspot symbols on the map have been replaced with production symbols.
- Feed mill can now produce mineral feed from bran, lime and yeast.
- The purchase price of the feed mill has been increased and the silo capacity has been adjusted.
- Plant for the production of fertilizers Possibility of producing fertilizers from compost, adjusted silo capacities
- Plant for the production of fertilizers Possibility of producing liquid fertilizers from water and fertilizers
- Adjusted lumberjack and seed silo capacity.
- Fixed floating barrels at CHP
- Pulp mill now also produces wastewater
- Sugar factory now also produces wastewater

Better late than never. This is now my FED production package. The pack is a summary of all mods produced by platziebare from me.
The Fed Mods package currently consists of
Fertilizer production (turning manure and slurry into fertilizer)
Seed production (From grain like wheat + fertilizer we sow)
Digester (From grass and/or chaff to silage)
Compound feed plant (compound feed for cows and production of compound feed for feeding pigs)
Oil refinery (from rapeseed or sunflower to diesel fuel and pig feed)

Credits: FedAction


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