Fed Mods Pack v1.4.0.0
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Mod Fed Mods Pack v1.4.0.0 for Farming Simulator 2022

Version 1.4 New ball storage room
- Fixed indoor workshop triggering bug
- Bales of wood chips can no longer be moved in the ball storage room.
- Restored ball joint with script from Achimobil. Bales are now displayed with a level indicator

Better late than never. This is now my FED mod pack. The package is a summary of all hosted mods from me.

The Fed Mods package currently consists of
6 multisilos with bale reception + 4 expansion silos
Lime station for the purchase and storage of lime, e.g. on the farm
Plant protection station for the purchase and storage of herbicides e.g. on the farm
Direct sales of wood for one-time sale of logs

Credits: FedAction


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