[FBM22] Production Building Pack v1.1.0.1
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Mod [FBM22] Production Building Pack v1.1.0.1 for Farming Simulator 2022

Production building package New:

Production Building Pack Guide (PDF) The content of the Production Building Pack is intended for German-speaking players in Farming Simulator 22.

It should be seen as an ideal complement to maps located in German-speaking countries.

Known Giant production buildings from the game are included in reworked versions as German versions.

With great attention to detail and a number of additional elements, this is a new gaming experience.

Long-term support for the package is planned, with many more updates coming in the coming months.

More production buildings will be added, both familiar from the base game and completely new.


General improvements and changes:

● Created a new modDesc

● All i3d and xml files have been reviewed and corrected many times (optimization)

● Made some corrections to the file structure and paths to the files of the mod (optimization)

● Removed some redundant and repetitive textures.

● Added new Farmer Store branding.

● The MOD icon has been replaced or updated by FBM-MOD

- Production build package converted to FBM mod with update, but this only affects the new mod icon and label that changes from user mod to FBM mod in the filebase.

The old name of the MOD (name) remains, which means that another function of already placed items in the save remains.

● Snapping function has been added to all objects and items when building with rotation.

 ● A PDF manual for PGP has been added to the MOD (can be found under: Documents)

 ● Farmer icons have been revised, added and updated.

● Fixed GroundDecal (flickering) error on manual barrier (long).

● Added missing shop image to new barriers.

● Fixed an issue with the bunker flickering when building double or multiple bunkers.

● Updated or replaced texture for chewing gum machines (diffuse) (German marking).

 ● The texture pack for cobblestone (scattered cobblestone, normal and specular) has been updated or replaced.

- This applies to: Augustushof (garbage place), Weidmann bakery, Holzmann joinery and Kaiser mill.

● The cost of maintaining the company's signage (electricity for lighting) has been reduced to 2 euros per day for each.

● A new trademark has been added to all product lines (UNE-EN 13698-1 marking).

Credits: Landbauer


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