[FBM22] Farmer Decoration Pack 2 (Prefab*) v1.0.0.0
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Mod [FBM22] Farmer Decoration Pack 2 (Prefab*) v1.0.0.0 for Farming Simulator 2022

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Farmer Decoration Pack 2 contains thirteen different items that cartographers are allowed to use to create maps or any other personal use.

With my prefabs, I provide you with objects to design for your purposes.

I expect respectful treatment, which means that you should not make any changes to the elements in order to then upload them somewhere else.


● Automatic machines for the production of chewing gum (3 pieces with German inscriptions)

● Waste glass containers (3 pieces for clear, amber and green glass plus an information plate)

● Ice cream box with light and glass panels to open Plus two textures (transparent and long nose)

● Barriers on company premises (short and long)

● Traffic cones (pylons)

● Traffic light system (red and green light)

● Dumpster with German letters (Willi Weber)

● Mod file size: 5.81 MB.

Additional Information:

Objects are located in separate folders with all related files (textures, sounds, etc.).

Objects that contain a function have an additional XML file attached that contains the strings for the function for easy copy-and-paste input.

There are no further instructions, mappers should have no problem integrating them.

Credits: Landbauer


Download6.6 MB

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