Farm Pack 2 v1.0.12
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Mod Farm Pack 2 v1.0.12 for Farming Simulator 2022

The package contains 5 stalls, hay dryer, farm gas station, farm silo, seed storage / lime storage / mineral fertilizer storage / liquid fertilizer storage / herbicide storage. More stables/silos will be added soon

Version 1.0.12
- BGA v1 (added by AgriComp)
- Cowshed v7/v9 increased the capacity of the feeding robot (excess food is stored)
- Increased capacity of Kuhstall v7/v9 feed bin
- Kuhstall v9 GülleIcon moved
- Added seed storage
- Added lime storage
- Added warehouse of mineral fertilizers
- Added liquid fertilizer storage
- Added herbicide storage

You can block all buildings on your map! You don't need to ask me for a release for this :winking_face:
Important!!! -> After placing the stable: save and restart the LAN (otherwise there will be problems with the placed manure piles...)

This farm package contains:
- two barns with integrated feeding robot
- barn without feed robot
- barn with pasture
- a pigsty without a feed robot
- hay drying
- farm gas station
- farm silo
- seed shop / lime shop / mineral fertilizer shop / liquid fertilizer shop / herbicide shop

- O:
- The gates on the milk tanks in the barns must be open, otherwise the milk cannot be loaded
- hatches for "unloading / loading" should be open in warehouses
- when drying hay, the crane on the ladder must be activated, otherwise the hay will not be loaded (only then you can activate the "filling" in the trailer)

New stables and halls will be added soon.

Credits: Lunchbox


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