Extra large chicken coop for 25000 animals v1.0.0.3
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Mod Extra large chicken coop for 25000 animals v1.0.0.3 for Farming Simulator 2022

the error has been fixed
Animal capacity increased
Increased feed power

I converted a sheepfold into a chicken coop that holds 10,000 animals and I added a straw tarp to cover the concrete in the stable (somehow seems better to me)
Standard Hörmann sheepfold converted into a chicken coop
Place for animals 10,000 chickens
Lining capacity 60,000 liters
Added a straw sheet to cover the concrete floor inside the chicken coop so the chickens don't have to walk on the concrete.
Nets on the outer fence changed
Price 25000€
no maintenance costs
In the game, the stable must be renamed, otherwise the Big Sheepfold will remain
Mod without errors
The mod is suitable for servers
Mod supports multiplayer mode

Credits: Austria Modding


Download1.70 MB

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