Extended Oil Plant v1.1.0.0
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Mod Extended Oil Plant v1.1.0.0 for Farming Simulator 2022

List of changes:
- Added soybean oil
- Increased prices for canola oil and sunflower oil.
- Fixed issue with default oil palettes on consoles.
- Changed the description of the mod.
- Fixed English name (Maize Oil --> Corn Oil).
- Fixed bugs in French translation
- Fixed issue with unloading pallets at sell station
- Removed cotton from the point of sale

The base game Oil Mill has been redesigned as follows:
- Moved the delivery unloading point to the left side of the building to avoid collisions with pallets.
- The area where palettes appear has been slightly moved and expanded from 4 to 16 palettes.
- Significantly increased the production speed of the oil mill.
- Corn oil and soybean oil can now also be produced.
- Added corn oil and soybean oil as new products.
- Increased storage capacity of raw materials up to 200 thousand tons
- Increased the capacity of the product warehouse to 15k.
- Oil palettes have become more realistic. Capacity (1000 l) remained the same.

A point of sale has also been added that accepts most standard fruits, foods, etc. (no wood or bales) in addition to corn and soybean oils.

- Oil mill purchase price: $80,000
- Production costs: $60/mo.
- Station sale purchase price: $1000

- Sunflowers, corn, rapeseed, soybeans: 17,040 / month (710 / h)
- Olives: 12,000 per month (500 per hour)

For the mod, support PM Jumpfruit on the Giants forums.

Credits: Jumpfruit


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