Eco Sheep Paddock v1.4.6.7
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Mod Eco Sheep Paddock v1.4.6.7 for Farming Simulator 2022

Eco paddock for sheep

Wool and sheep production in FS22 never pays off. So, to make it profitable again, this mod has solar panels to run the paddock and generates DOUBLE daily running costs! Just by having a pen, you can produce electricity (and therefore money) even without sheep. However, the most important thing here is the capacity of the sheep. Instead of the standard 65 animals you get with the big sheep paddock in FS22, this gives you a whopping 300 sheep max and you can easily handle the wool production for all those sheep!

What about water costs? Sheep, like all animals, need water, and in FS22 you will have to pay extortionate daily amounts to water your animals. This paddock has a water trough that you can fill directly from the water tanks! It holds 150,000 liters of water! Enough for 300 sheep for a few months! Top up with cheap (or free) water every few months to keep your sheep healthy and boost their reproduction. Yes, you need water to keep them healthy! A bar has now been added to the Animal Info tab showing the amount of water currently in the paddock.

Please note that all my mods support English, German and French as standard; other languages ​​are available upon request.

Any suggestions feel free to ask. Please note that Slurry and Sheep Dung cannot be produced in this paddock at this time. This is due to the need to make changes outside of the game settings, which can lead to game performance issues and data loss. Currently working on this issue.

Future updates

Keep an eye on this space, a similar barn is currently in beta testing for many more animals and increased manure production.

Credits: SuperSpud


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