Cellulose Factory v1.0.0.0
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Mod Cellulose Factory v1.0.0.0 for Farming Simulator 2022

With these production points, you can extract pulp from wood, which can be turned into paper, cardboard, and even viscose fabric for making clothes.
Cellulose is obtained in the form of a pallet of cotton, which can be sold or turned into fabric at any spinning mill.
To supply the plant, you can use logs or wood chips, the latter reduce production costs and allow you to produce more per day.
From the production of paper or pulp (cotton), a quarter will go to the production of cardboard, since in reality not all pulp obtained from wood can be turned into high-quality white pulp.

You can run this mod without the Platinum DLC, paper and cardboard will not be produced. Use factories (no DLC).

There are two sizes of plants, with different capacity and production speed.
- The largest one covers about 300 square meters (you need to have a large field), it can produce 1,152,000 liters of cotton or paper per day.
- The small one is similar to the factories in the game and can produce 57,600 liters of cotton or paper per day.
Big price: $1.500.000
Price small: $150.000
Daily maintenance: large $12,000, small $1,200, I recommend you turn it off when not in use.

I recommend using the mod with the "Paint And Terraform Anywhere" mod or with the Place Anywhere mod.

Credits: jitrief


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