Buildings Of Norway v1.0.0.1
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Mod Buildings Of Norway v1.0.0.1 for Farming Simulator 2022

This is a collection of buildings with a Norwegian or Scandinavian look and architecture.
Buildings are copies of real buildings. Some buildings include color options.

- Changed supported crops and produced goods at the grain mill.
- Fixed various issues with triggers in the Bergtun horse pen.
- Fixed flying straw planes of the Bergtun Horse corral.
- Barn straw, food and Bergtun bale triggers are made slightly larger.
- Bergtun Sheep Barn now accepts grass bales for silage production.
- Fixed alignment of Hol's barn when built by the player

The pack contains items that you can build on your farm.
- 9 farmhouses
- 2 seminars
- 4 sheds (2 with workshop function)
- 4 barns
- 2 barns for sheep
- 1 hayloft

More buildings are planned to be added in the future!

The pack contains all the necessary resources for buildings added to the pack in the future.
If you are creating maps, I recommend that you use buildings as placement objects, following the example on the Rennebu map.
By adding buildings as objects to their own map, players will be sure that the latest version will be available when the pack is updated in the future, and this will make things easier.
for me to provide support since they all need to be in the latest version at any given time.

If you need help using the package on your map, please contact me via the forum.

Credits: OlaHaldor


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