Wymark, CA v1.0.0.1 (1.14.x)
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Welcome to the map of Wymark, Canada! The map is based on the small town of Wymark in Canada.
In addition to the cultivation and production of grain, this farm is also engaged in large-scale production of grain seeds.
If you run the map on the "New Farmer" difficulty, you will be given the opportunity to manage this farm with all the equipment you will need to work.

On the map you will find the following:
- Three pre-placed farms: the main one, which belongs to you at the beginning, and two, for which you need to buy land first.
- The main farm is equipped with starting vehicles and equipment, three fields and a seed production facility.
- 44 farmlands
- 33 fields, from small to large, two of which are grassy.
- 1 small forest area
- Traffic
- Pedestrians
- License plates of Saskatchewan, California.
- Custom harvest calendar
- A train that will deliver your goods to Swift Current (the train's point of sale).

Available productions:
- Sawmill
- Dairy
- Grain mill. He will also take your durum wheat and turn it into the durum flour that is needed to make pasta at the local bakery.
- Bakery with a new product "Macaroni".
- A multidisciplinary seed plant. Wheat seeds that you can use for your needs, and four more new ones: lentil seeds, pea seeds, durum seeds and barley seeds that you can sell at a local purchasing station.
To produce seeds, you will need the appropriate grain, herbicide and liquid fertilizers. Tanks for the purchase of fertilizers, herbicides and lime have already been placed in advance on the main farm.
- Added a liquid trailer for transporting liquid fertilizers and herbicides, you can find it in the "Miscellaneous" category.

Selling stations:
- Grain sales point
- The farmer's market will accept your manufactured goods
- Point of sale of bales
- Point of sale of trains

Additional objects on the map include:
- Three new crops: durum wheat, peas and lentils.

In version
- The mill trigger icon has been moved to the correct location;
- The point of appearance of the purchase of vehicles has been moved to an external location;
- The small workshop door trigger has been removed from an unused room;
- Fixed the internal mask of the house.
These changes do not require a new save.

Credits: Mappers Paradise


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