Wrzosy v1.1.0.0
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A fictional map inspired by the western regions of Upper Silesia, the territories around Gliwice and the Tarnow Mountains, as well as cities such as Jasion, Rudno, Rudzinec, Zemencice, Troops, Veliveni, Veshova and other nearby areas. Most of the models of houses in the villages were recreated based on real ones.

On the map:
- 137 fields
- 2 farms - a small one with chickens, a large one with cows (based on buildings from mnodhub - the map will force them to download at the first launch). Fences, parts and buildings can be sold and build your own farm on these plots.
- 2 small forest plots
- 162 agricultural lands
- Several construction sites
- About 10 meadows
- Agricultural wastelands
- Own lighting with open sunrises, sunsets and fog
- Custom sound (environment)
- The fields are basically equal to the grid on the long side
- Some Easter eggs.

In version (new saving is recommended!):
- Fixed the saleability and operation of the barn, silos and barn on a large farm;
- Fixed stubble compaction;
- Added missing collisions on objects that didn't have them;
- Fixed the positions of collectibles blocked by collisions of objects near which they were located;
- Improved the player's teleportation point near the machine shop;
- Improved triggers for green feed sales (Eko Plac and Klimowicz Zielonki);
- Fixed the shape of some fields (errors);
- Fixed invisible walls at the northern end of the map;
- The western end of the map is overgrown with trees;
- Levitating information triggers have been removed;
- Fixed the position of field No. 47;
- Removed duplicate textures.

Credits: Szarpi, Lukas, ThatReider


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