Welcome to Cembrowina v1.1.0.0 (1.14.x)
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Welcome to Cembrowina (Cembrowina aka Koczkodany)! The map is a converted version of the Kochkodani map created by Krynix and edited by Informejtik, Świstak, Koneser T25 and Fanatyk.
The map shows:
- Two villages (Cembrowina, Bradow)
- 210 fields (including 12 meadows)
- One farm
- Custom crop textures
- Custom soil and seeding textures
- Traffic
- Stubble field
- Custom lighting and more...

In version
- The weight of the card has been significantly reduced from 1.23 GB to about 951 MB.
- The entire "Tipcol" has been changed on the map.
- Changed the lighting to standard.
- Some ground textures have been changed.
- The PDA map, map icon and map preview have been changed.
- Fixed some bugs and other little things on my part
- Improved traffic system.
- Added new vehicles to TrafficSystem.
- Changed the appearance of road signs
- The textures of two roads have been changed - the main one and the one leading to Bradovo.
- The spawn of vehicles has been changed.
- (Partially) The bug was removed, which consisted in the fact that if you cut down a tree that was adjusted for it, then all the trees disappeared (except those at the ends of the map)
- Added the MoreTrees script
- Added full translation into Czech, Hungarian, Spanish and Romanian.

Credits: Mal7


Download951.38 MB

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