Thüringen 2.0 v4.0.0.0 (1.13.x)
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Thüringen 2.0 is a 4x German map with lots of productions, etc. for Farming Simulator 22.

Map details:
– 55 fields, the size is mainly from large to very large.
- There is no main courtyard, but there are 3 free places where you can build your own courtyards.
– 12 points of sale.
- There are 10 multifruits in agriculture, including alfalfa, clover, onion, lavender, poppy, rotol and many others.
- The map has standard and more than 23 custom productions, including a brewery, fish farming, gardening and more.
- There are no permanent animal stables on the map, except for the cattle dealer.
- There is no installed BGA on the card.
- The map shows various woodlands, including a sawmill.
- Various SoundFX are scattered on the map, mainly in production.

Credits: Agrar Land Modding


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