Szpakowo v1.1.0.0 (1.14.x)
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The map is reproduced from the real terrain of Central Europe with several modifications for a variety of gameplay.

The map has:
- New crop textures: barley, rapeseed, corn, oats, radishes, wheat, herbs.
- New textures: decoBush, decoFoliage, groundFoliage,
- New crops: clover, alfalfa, triticale, rye, green rye.
- New textures of fields, manure, lime and fertilizers.
- Mixed stubble has been added to crops (after enabling the option: crop destruction)
- Added more painted plants, trees and fields in construction mode.
- Added seasonal decorations such as: leaves, snowmen, wet roads during rain, flooded meadows, Christmas lights on houses, artificial farmers in the field)
- Multi terrain.
- Several new sounds have been added to the map.
- New finds (100 collectibles)
- Production facilities: mill, dairy, carpentry, sawmill, spinning, atelier.
- 3 farms
- A place to build your own farm
- Diverse terrain
- 3 large points of sale
- Buy points for items from DLC Platinum and DLC Premium.
- 5 pastures are purchased together with the land
- Liming station
- Animal dealer
- A lot of forests
- License plates of the map region
- 181 fields (including 67 meadows) (from 0.1 ha to 9.45 ha)
- 254 agricultural lands are available for purchase
- A new map has appeared on the map in the section "Precision farming".

In version
- Fixed a problem with the construction of new estates;
- Fixed a problem with painting grass in construction mode;
- Fixed problems with meadows;
- Fixed the collection of stones;
- Fixed collisions on the map;
- Fixed levitating objects;
- Fixed terrain irregularities;
- Fixed animation issues;
- Fixed agricultural land;
- The basic environment has been changed;
- The sowing dates have been changed;
- Changed the appearance of cars in the store;
- Modified clover textures (thanks MrHector);
- Jewelry sold on the farm in small groups has been changed;
- The mixing of clover and alfalfa has been changed;
- Added support for the MaizePlus mod;
- Added support for the "Manure System" mod;
- Added the ability to plant new crops on the ground;
- Added full support for clover and alfalfa;
- Added rye and triticale for flour production;
- Added the ability to feed animals with alfalfa and clover;
- Added Czech translation (thanks to SniperKittenCZ);
- Added Hungarian translation (thanks to F3cO);
- Added Spanish and Romanian translations (thanks to AgriLand Farm)

Credits: RajotGPLAY, Jankus


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