St Michaels Fields 16x v1.0.0.0 (1.14.x)
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Welcome to your next farming adventure on a unique map created for Farming Simulator 22. This vast 16x play area is filled with unique features and modifications that will make your farming even more fun.

Optimized for single player play. This map has been carefully designed to provide an exceptional single player experience. Enjoy shorter production and release times, which will allow you to achieve more in less time. The optimized gameplay guarantees an exciting and exciting farming journey for single players.

Co-op Compatibility: Although this map is optimized for single player play, it is fully compatible with co-op play. Team up with friends to manage your farm together, joining forces to solve problems and reap the benefits of farming on this extensive and multifunctional map.

Key Features:
Non-standard productions and buildings: Explore and use a variety of unique, non-standard productions and buildings for the game. These special structures and enterprises open up new opportunities for production and trade, enriching the overall gameplay and offering a variety of opportunities for economic growth. Some of these industries include a brewery and a gin factory, as well as standard industries modified to enhance gameplay.

Modified Vehicles: Experience the thrill of driving improved vehicles with improved performance and superior handling. Whether you are plowing fields or transporting goods, these modified machines guarantee efficient and pleasant operation.

Additional crops (multifruits): Diversify your farming activities by growing a number of non-standard crops. Experiment with new planting and harvesting methods to maximize yields and profitability.

Features of the user environment:
Timber Warehouse: Efficiently manage and recycle wood in your dedicated timber warehouse. It is ideal for expanding your agricultural activities in the forest sector.

Shipyard: Use the shipyard to add a new dimension to your logistics and trading strategy.
Mountain Tunnel: Navigate through a special mountain tunnel that seamlessly connects different regions of the map and provides a scenic route for transportation.

Extensive Playground: On a huge 16x16 map, you will have plenty of space to build, develop and explore. The large area allows you to create creative farm layouts and conduct extensive operations without feeling cramped.

Get ready to immerse yourself in a dynamic and diverse farming experience on this carefully designed map. Whether you are an experienced farmer or a beginner, the advanced features and extensive environment promise countless hours of exciting gameplay. Have a good farming!

Credits: Greyman


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