Square Islands v1.0.0.0 (1.14.x)
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Welcome, farmer, to the map of the Square Islands!
Your mission, young farmer, is to cultivate the lands of the Square Islands and turn this peaceful small island nation into a major food producer, as well as export your products to distant lands using the point of sale on the island dock.
You can start working on 14 fields, two of which you have at the beginning of the New Farmer game. Contracts can be taken on the other fields. Just call the farmers and they will be happy to provide you with work and equipment if necessary. On the starting island, you can remove all buildings and fences.
Bridges are connected to islands where there are attractions, so you can access all points of sale and purchase from the very beginning. As for the other islands, you need to connect them with a bridge, which can be purchased in menu P in the "Decorations" section. Please note that first you need to own the island from which you want to connect the bridge.
An alternative is to use landscape tools to connect the islands, although this method is more expensive. The advantage of this is that you get larger islands and more land for agriculture.

More information about the map:
- 40 islands (39 can be purchased)
- 51 agricultural land (47 can be purchased)
- Agricultural land 1 is the ocean, and if desired, it can be bought for pennies. Then you can expand your islands by adding more farmland and landscaping them a bit.
- Dairy and sawmill production
- 8 islands with forest
- Larry's wood sales point
- Export dock for the sale of wood, products and bulk shipments at a better price (not all goods are sold at a higher price).
- DLC items can be sold at points of sale.
- Free water point at the starting farm (water cannot be taken from the ocean, as it is salty)
- Animal dealer
- Manure purchase point
- Point of purchase of lime, seeds and fertilizers
- 12 collectibles
- A maze that you can buy and turn into farmland once the task is completed. Two billboards on the maze island cannot be removed in the game.

Credits: Farmer Rabbit


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