RENNEBU V1.0.2.0
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The lush Rennebu Valley beckons and encourages any kind of work! Arable land, animal husbandry and forestry.

List of changes
These changes require a new save:
- Various landscape and foliage fixes.
- Changed the tree in Nörigard. It should now be possible to cut if desired.
- Garbage shredders are now placeable and the player can own and sell them.
- Included all temporary facilities, scheduled and scheduled (at the moment). They will show up as construction sites until the building package is updated with proper functioning buildings.
- Custom mesh for dirt roads in various locations, mostly for forest roads.
- Forklifts and/or telehandlers at the shop, sawmill, grain mill and carpenter. Free to use, no need to bring your own.
- Prepared farmland for several new farms.
- Adjusted farmland prices.
- Added iron mine.

The map is based on a small part of the real location of Rennebu in Norway. Farms and outbuildings are real and placed in their real place.

The playable area is 16 times the size of the default map (8x8km). All points of production and sale are in the real world, with minor changes to improve the gameplay.
- There is no animal dealer in real life, but it made sense to use this building since it is located in the center of the map.
- The bridge next to the Animal Dealer is about twice as wide as the actual bridge to allow for larger and wider equipment to cross.
- A bakery is not a bakery as such. It has a stone oven that the community rents out, especially before the holidays.

Most of them are placeable and color selectable, allowing you to mix and match as you build your own farm on an empty lot.
This is the first version of the map, which is enough to get started and enjoy the scenery. In future updates there will be new buildings.

On the map you will find:
- 143 marked fields
- 28 forestries
- The river flowing through the valley can be used to replenish water supplies.
- No collectibles (yet)

Available productions:
- Sawmill
- A carpenter
- Grain mill
- Bakery

Planned productions in the future:
- Dairy
- Spinnery
- atelier

The rest of the production types are not added to the map by default because there is no natural location for them since they don't exist in real life.
The map is your sandbox, and you can buy your own production site if you want to grow other crops than those that grow in the area.

Stations for sale
- Animal Dealer
- Grocery store
- Grain mill
- Sawmill
- A carpenter

The map requires the Buildings of Norway mod.

Recommended mods:
- Possibly more animal husbandry
- More trees
- Paint and terraform anywhere

For more Norwegian experience, check out Norwegian brands. - Kverneland
- Orkel
- Reime
- Gjerstad
- Moi

performance improvements:
- Reduced number of trees
- Improved terrain occluder cache

- Olive oil is now displayed in the price table.
- Corn can be grown (unrealistic, but added again after requests).
- Optimized terrain along forest/dirt roads.
- Fixed traffic jams at two intersections.
- Updated farmland to match the new feature where farmland IDs are shown on the map.
- Increased sawmill respawn area. He can now create up to six stacks of planks or beams.
- Added support for Platinum DLC at the sawmill. Products will appear in different places.
- Removed boards to replace wood. The default planks are back to better distinguish Platinum DLC planks and wood beams.

Credits: OlaHaldor


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