PGR Wspólnota v1.0.0.1 (1.13.x)
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The map "PGR Wspólnota" is an amazing combination of the Polish atmosphere and real cities. Players will have the opportunity to manage a huge farm offering a wide range of agricultural activities. However, the possibilities do not end there, because there are five smaller farms on the map where players can demonstrate their skills and develop their own farms.
This map offers a variety of fields and meadows that will allow players to experiment with different crops and animal husbandry. Thanks to the careful mapping of the territories, players will feel as if they are running their farm among the picturesque Polish landscapes.

What is there here:
- One big farm called "PGR";
- 5 other small farms;
- 74 fields, including meadows;
- 69 agricultural lands;
- 4 grain stations;
- Heating stations;
- Sawmill;
- Objects for research;
- Dairy production;
- Stone Crusher;
- Your own climate;
- The necessary mods are downloaded automatically.

In version
- Crop textures have been changed.

Credits: Barney, Duuudeek_112


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