Offlum 22 v1.0.0.0 (1.13.x)
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Welcome to the idyllic Offlum Hotel in the middle of the beautiful Munsterland. Everything is presented from the point of view of agriculture, from small to large machines, everything can be used. The courtyards are arranged accordingly. There are small winding courtyards, but there are also large open courtyards. The landscape is quite flat, with small hills and many ditches.

- 119 fields;
- 11 meadows;
- 5 agricultural enterprises;
- 2 biogas plants;
- 12 forest plots for forestry;
- Custom textures;
- Realistic stubble destruction;
- Ditches and reservoirs fill up during rain;
- Prepared for precision farming with its own soil map;
- Seasonal map items;
- 1 point of sale;
- Animal dealer;
- The map requires the PUMPS N' HOSES DLC.

Credits: MapDezing01


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