New Horizon 32x v1.7.0.0 (1.14.x)
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Welcome to the New Horizon 32x map.
This is a fictional map with 255 farmlands and 210 fields ranging from small to very large.
Therefore, it is ideal for any amateur of agriculture with large loaders.
The map is also a multi-crop map, which means that all standard crops and various additional crops can be grown at will.
The Red Bed and Parsnips are only available in combination with the Premium Expansion DLC.

You can also count on a variety of launch vehicles, 21 production facilities and 20 trading stations to market your products!
I did not build the farm myself, because I am sure that everyone will want to design it themselves.
There is an extensive train system on the map. Immerse yourself in an exciting farming experience and create your own successful farm.
The map may not be perfect, but I hope you enjoy playing it.

In version 1.7 (New save required):
- Earth angles increased to 32.
- The train received four wagons of liquid with a capacity of 200 thousand each, six wagons for grain/chips, four wagons for sugar beet with a capacity of 120 thousand, three logging and three automobile wagons.
- Railway silo for liquids and gases with a capacity of 1000k
- Hops, tobacco, cannabis and peanuts can no longer be harvested with a grain cutter.
- The unloading speed of the Pacesetter trailer has been changed.
- Fixed various bugs
- The main street near the train elevator had to be rebuilt due to the length of the train, so as not to interfere with traffic when loading the train (adjusted basic course AD). I will also provide
- Improved animation of hemp tobacco hops with a corn harvester.

In version 1.6:
- All water areas have been redesigned (the farmer now swims instead of running along the bottom, the equipment breaks down when entering the water).

In version 1.2:
Retail outlets have been redesigned
Added manufactured products in retail outlets
On field 199, the fence fields have been removed
Fixed a bug in the peanut factory log
Moon straw and rapeseed straw are now also produced, which can be sold at the power plant and sold in bales.
Prices for some products have been adjusted
Road salt is now also produced in the salt industry

Five new freely placed productions have appeared:
- Seed production
- Lime production
- Production of fertilizers
- Production of herbicides
- Composter

There are three freely hosted camps.
- Gas and liquid storage (can also be used as a gas station)
- Pallet storage of all products.
- Straw/ piece

The shop window was moved to an open area
Added a harvester (peanuts) for Ropa Tiger6.
The refinery has been overhauled
The store has containers for gases and liquids, as well as syringes and a tax (thanks to Aussieappa).
Then there will be more AD courses!

Credits: wossi1975


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