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Welcome to the Medvedin card.
The map contains:
- 2 empty areas for the construction of buildings
- 42 fields, including 8 meadows
- 10 selling points
- 11 production buildings - Sawmill
- 3 forests
- Land previously purchased
- 1 village
- In the new player mode, you get a finished farm with cars.
Changed in
- Renovated agricultural land
- Repair positions of several objects
- Reconstruction of the state of dirt roads
  - Repair collision of several buildings
- Changes in the geography of several fields
- New textures of spruce and pine
- Changed night lighting
- Traffic density is halved
- Some other minor modifications
- A new save needs to be installed for proper functioning.
Changed in
ATTENTION!!! Please make a backup copy of the old version of the map before downloading this update. There are big changes at ground level.
- Map revision for 2023
- Updates for the latest version of the game
- Several fields reduced to one (now 43)
- Brand new farmland
- Changed forests
- Reworked many details of roads and vegetation
- Adjustments after collecting feedback for the last year
- Now one farm and one area for building
- New PDA
- You need to create a new save to function properly

Credits: Medas_MGS


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