Map "Agrarian Region" v2.1.0.0 (1.14.x)
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You can collect a collection of toys on the map, as well as on the default one.
New crops - alfalfa, buckwheat, carrots, onions, clover, hops, flax, mustard, peas, raspberries, rye, as well as 110 new types of products.
There are 14 factories and 7 orchards.
Orchards: apple, pear, plum, peach, apricot, cherry, cherry.
Bakery (9 types of bread)
Brewery (2 types of beer and kvass)
Carpenter's (Empty pallets, barrels)
Dairy (Kefir, yogurt, condensed milk)
Grain cleaning
Grain Dryer
Flour mill (10 types of flour)
Cereal factory (7 types of cereals, 4 types of flakes)
Oil extraction plant (Linseed oil, cake, default oils)
Cannery (9 types of juice)
Sawmill (Timber, chipboard, paper)
Sewing factory (Linen fabric, jute bags)
Sugar factory (Cane sugar, beet sugar, bagasse, pulp)
Winery (6 types of wine)

All standard products that were made in standard factories have been removed or redesigned.
Grain that is harvested immediately from the field, not cleaned, and not dried, costs 5% less.
The temperatures on the map have been changed.

By default, only 2 factories, a mill and a bakery are located on the map, the rest of the factories can be purchased through the menu.
There are many sites on the map that you can buy and put your objects there.
Animals are also not placed on the map by default, everyone can put it as it is convenient.

The economy on the map is sharpened for hardcore, for fans of difficulties it's the best, but you can also play at medium and easy levels, there are also contracts on which you can earn money for the first time.
There are 79 fields on the map, from 0.4 hectares to 135, with a total size of 1016 hectares, and smooth and curved, for every taste.
There are also forest areas ranging in size from 300 trees to 4,500, the total number of trees is about 10,000.
The card is not cluttered with unnecessary decor, and has good performance.
The card size is 4x. (4 sq. km.)
There is traffic of cars and pedestrians, (Pedestrians will be completed in some places)

The ProductionRevamp mod is required for the map to work. The map will not start without it.
Optional - Precision Farming DLC.

In version
- Added a French translation.
- Added hemp, rice, sweet sorghum, poppy seeds, blackberries.
- Added hemp straw (can be made from paper).
- Added sweet sorghum chaff, from which sugar can be made.
- Sweet sorghum can be harvested in the same way as regular sorghum, which gives a slightly higher yield.
- Cake and pulp can now be given to animals as an analogue of root crops.
- Fixed greenhouse textures, added a greenhouse 4 times larger in size.
- Some areas near the starting fields have been leveled.
- The invisible collision in the city has been removed.
- Some toys were inside the objects, which made it impossible to collect the entire collection.
- Fixed some AI splines at intersections.
- Full integration with precision farming, now compost is fully functional, as is manure.
- Fixed some translations
- Added races and ramps near the platforms that the railway passes by
- Added lighting in some places
- Added translation of orchards
- Now seeds can be produced and sold abroad by train.
- Optimized greenhouses and pallets with watermelons
- The weight of all crops and fillings has been revised
- Added a road near the store
- The bridge under the railway road near field 46 has been expanded.
- Optimization of gardens (even more improvements)
- Increased sound volume on trains.
- The bumpers at the corners have been moved.
- Some textures of all cultures have been redesigned, and distant textures have also been redesigned
- The limit of bales and pallets on the map has been increased by 2 times (4000 bales, 1200 pallets)
- Added the ability to buy multiple pallets of 8 pieces.
- The height has been redesigned on all new and standard crops, now the crop has a different height at each stage, and stubble crushing after harvesting has been added.
- The barriers at crossings have been increased.
- Updated raspberry and hop textures.
- Harvesters for harvesting onions, carrots and beets have been moved to one category, the standard category has been removed
- Combines for harvesting raspberries, blackberries, hops, grapes and olives have been moved to one category, the standard one has been removed
- Raspberries, blackberries, grapes, hops, from the "GARDEN PACK" category can be loaded into one trailer.
- Added a warehouse for new bales of cannabis.
- Added the ability to pour the dry grain back into the dryer, as well as take the cleaned grain out of it.
- Added the ability to pour the peeled grain back into the cleaning, as well as pick up the unpeeled grain.
- Now you can pick up grain from the mill, grain factory
- Added production of hemp oil, hemp paper, hemp flour, hemp bread, poppy seed flour, poppy seed oil, blackberry juice, blackberry wine, sake (Japanese wine).
- Apple cider vinegar has been added to the sale (as well as some products that could not be sold)
- All standard pallets and plants have been removed from the store.
- The entire economy of the map has been completely redesigned (previously, almost all production was at a loss)
- Added a new decor to the map.
- Changed the textures of plowing and fertilizers.
- Added individual lighting to the entire map.

Credits: bohdan_538


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