LORSEN V1.1.0.0
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Welcome to Lorsen! A place in the heart of Northern Germany.
Here's what awaits you on the map:
- 46 fields
- 9 meadows
- 2 forest areas
- a lot of land that you can buy
- two farms
- car dealer
- livestock merchant
- four outlets
- twelve factories
- 100 collectibles
- Field grass as a new crop
- Soy drink and heat like new products
- Support for DLC "Precision Farming"
- Lots of new decorations that can be painted
Required mods:
- Decorative Details Pack (by TrianglesTrouble)
- Old Farm Package (from [DMI] 20mm Normandy)
- Modern Hay Storage (by The Lort)
- Cowshed 3+3 (from [DMI]20mmNormandy)
- Windmill (by The Lort)
- Half-Timbered Farm Buildings (by VertexDezign)
- Cafe (by The Lort) New in version (New save not required.)
- AI now drives slower
- Grass can now be mowed again
- Added cows to the second farm
- More changes

Credits: The Lort


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