Loma, Montana 4x v1.0.0.0 (1.14.x)
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Loma, Montana is a 4x map for FS22 created by No Creek Farms (No Creek Farms Map, Medicine Creek Farms Map). The map is a recreation of the small town of Loma and its surroundings. There are precise terrain, roads, signs, non-standard buildings, as well as many historical additions. I advise you to check this area on Google Maps to see how closely the map looks like real life. Almost everything on the map is somewhat out of the box.


The map contains the following:
- A custom landscape that was 100% created manually.
- The exact boundary of the area with the actual image of the surrounding area in Google.
- Custom ground textures corresponding to the soil of the area.
- Custom foliage textures on all foliage.
- The trees will change on their own and have been heavily edited.
- Ground foliage can be changed by the player. Watch this tutorial video to find out how to do it. https://youtu.be/uYAJ1v6qkQI?feature=shared I did it this way to give the player more control, as well as get away from the same old seasonal foliage from the DLC. You don't have to change them if you don't want to, but you can also change them whenever you want.
- Custom cropping textures — credit to BulletBill and AW Modding.
- Added crops - alfalfa, clover, peas, lentils and flax.
- The crops being wrapped are wheat, barley, rapeseed and flax.
- Realistic gravel roads using "3D" gravel.
- Accurate custom buildings from the area.
- Accurate individual pointers are everywhere on the map.
- Historically accurate locations and explanatory signs
- An individual train that can be rented - the merit of BcBuhler
- Multidisciplinary angle
- Seasonal items
- Parked cars appear and disappear at different times of the day in different locations.
- Accurate land prices for realistic gameplay.
- Crop yields, seeding rates and grain prices have been precisely adjusted for realistic gameplay.
- Additional cost and bid adjustments for realistic gameplay.
- Two individual pastures for cattle — one small and one huge open.
- Custom feedlot with 28 trays for 600 cows (600 animals visually appear) (no modifications required)
- Individual feeding - grain, alfalfa, clover.
- Added calves, heifers, bulls and cows.
- A custom pile of manure that is collected in each pen (the player has a choice whether to use it or not)
- A video showing how the lot works https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b5Rhr4ypJjw .
- Three custom farms all over the map.
- Three points of sale for grain and bales (flax straw is not for sale and can only be used for bedding in the feedlot)
- Black Bluffs grain is located in the southeastern part of the map.
- Loma Grain is the westernmost elevator on the southern outskirts of the city.
- General Mills Grain is the easternmost grain elevator on the southern outskirts of the city.
- Purchased elevators (two medium-sized elevators on the southern outskirts of the city), which are used for grain storage. Grain can be exported and transported or sold by rail to Big Sandy, Montana.
- A custom soil map configured as Medicine Creek - in fact, each field has its own map. On the edges of the field there will be both the poorest and the lowest places, etc. The land in the valley will yield more crops on average than the land on the tops of the ledges.
- All farms can be placed — everything on each farm can be sold to clear the area.
-The Autodrive course is available for download to get started — thanks Joe O.
- Painting of mown grass has been added to the construction menu.
- All the textures and plants that you see on the map are in the construction menu, and you can use them.
- An active ferry for crossing the Missouri River. The ferry corresponds exactly to this area.
- Tons of Lewis and Clark stories that you can watch.

- Cattle in large open pastures do not produce manure. This is done intentionally, because in real life you will not get manure from such an open pasture.
- Cattle at the feedlot will produce manure.
- Feeding standards for cattle have been drastically reduced.
- Cattle do not give milk.
- If you want to place additional cattle pens, you will need to use the Enhanced Animal Mod, otherwise you will not be able to see the cattle you bought. Keep in mind that this will overwrite the reduced feed rate that I set using this mod. If you want to place additional handles and reduce the feed rate, you will need to unzip and edit the Enhanced Animal mod.
- As cattle move through the largest pastures, they will stutter. There's nothing you can do about it. This is a problem of Giants, and it cannot be solved from our side.
- The grass around the map cannot be mowed, because in real life this area is not done. If you want to mow areas that aren't fields, yo.

Credits: No Creek Farms


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