Krajeńskie Pola v1.1.1.1 (1.14.x)
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Can't decide if you want to play on small or big machines? Are the standard cards too small for you? Or maybe you are looking for a development map on which you can smash a Bison and eventually get 3 Lexions? If yes, then you have come to the right place :D
I present to you my Krajeńskie Pola 4x card. The map is based on the real terrain of three cities located in the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship.

There are:
- 176 fields on the map
- 25 meadows
- 1 large forest divided into several smaller lands.
- Fields from 0.18 ha to 52.37 ha
- 4 Small farms (Starting)/Medium/Large 2x
- TFR database
- Diverse terrain
- Multitrane
- Stubble compaction
- 4 purchases
- Almost the entire standard production chain
- Passive income
- Increased savings, for example. Collecting stones
- Collecting
- The ability to play football on the fields or in the Eagle
- Custom traffic with pedestrians
- Local license plates for the player and the AI.
- Automatic night lighting/Manual on one of the farms
- Custom textures
- Custom lighting
- Custom sound
- Some interesting facts
- Items that appear depending on the season

In version
– Fixed a bug that caused some trees to disappear when felled;
- Increased rapeseed height;
- Fixed the sound of the Remix and the police car;
– Cotton and sugar cane production in NPC fields has been removed.

Credits: CUKS0N


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