Kalinovka map v3.0.0.3 (1.13.x)
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What is on the map:
1. New crops: alfalfa, clover, rye, carrots.
2. 108 plots to be purchased.
3. 65 fields with the possibility of combining.
4. The map is adapted to Precision farming.
5. The card is compatible with the Maize Plus mod.
6. The player's farm-style base with the possibility of selling objects.
7. Pedestrian traffic.
8. Unique car traffic.
9. Unique Russian license plates.
10. Unique objects: houses, factories, electrical networks, fences, road signs, etc
. 11. Two reservoirs.
12. Thoughtful transport logistics.
13. More than 35 unique pallets with products.
14. Main production facilities: sugar factory, meat processing plant, dairy plant, oil extraction plant, bakery, juice factory, sawmill, apiary, firewood production, pallet factory, furniture workshop, ketchup, chips and pasta factory.

The additional transport for transporting animals mod is required for the map to work.

In version (05/04/24):
– Fixed missing texture on clover bales;
– Adjusted cycles in some industries;
– Minor edits and corrections;
– Fixed a trigger at the point of sale of firewood.

Credits: Steem (RMG)


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