HOT ONLINE FARM 2022 V1.0.3.1
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Modified HOT Online Farm map for FS22. The card has been tested and works flawlessly.
Function overview:
- Transportation of chickens, chickens can be bought at the poultry farm using the transport system and delivered to your stalls. They can also be delivered to the butcher or back to the poultry farm (sale).
- The meat was divided into the appropriate type of animal, but there is no horse meat, so there is no lasagna either
- Dirt, yes, we have it, and not just ordinary dirt, you can draw it on bushes. If the weather is dry for a long time, the dirt dries up. There are a few more subtleties with the Seasons, they are not active when it is snowing, they are available when it rains, and here they also dry out.
New in version
- Transport pallet
- White Colli Farmer's Market Container
- Fixed bug with cotton
New in version
- Fixed cow feeding
New in version
- Stones are back, see existing saves
- Minor changes for upcoming mods
- Missing collectible
- Fixed Agravis loading trigger
- Added Russian translation
New in version
- Fixed collecting

Credits: HoT online Team


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