Gemeinde Talbau v1.0.0.1
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Welcome to the map of the municipality of Talbau, born solely from imagination. This is a small map where you can find work and rest at the same time on an old established farm. We wish you a fun time with the map.

What awaits you on the map:
- 18 fields and meadows;
- Various retail outlets and production facilities;
- Small BGA;
- A full-fledged farm with animals;
- Forests for tree jumpers are plentiful among you.

Unpack the archive!

In version (new save required!):
- Fixed grass in buildings and floating objects;
- Collie removed from street post;
- Added two-way traffic;
- Field 8 can now be sold;
- The farm is now completely for sale.

Credits: Jogi


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