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Welcome to Frankenmuth Farming Map, this map is a Michigan, USA style farming map located near the city of Frankenmuth. Changelog (New save NOT required.) - Changed street lights for a new style. - Soybean harvest ready texture changed - Added more paintable ground textures in the construction menu. - Misc updates. - Map has 41 fields ranging from small to large in size. - There are 3 farms located on the map. You must buy the land before you can use or sell the buildings. - There are 2 small forest areas on the map for logging. - Water can be found at the water tower in town for a small fee. - There are 100 wooden toys, 5 sugar beets, and 5 small model Massey Ferguson 1155 tractors on the map to be found. - There multiple sell points, production faculties placed in the map and a train. No BGA placed. - Map has custom growth calendar. - The terrain on the map is mostly flat with some rolling hills, valleys, and ditches. Enjoy the map and have fun.

Credits: TaylorFarms


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