El Villarejo v1.0.0.0 (1.14.x)
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Welcome to El Villarejo!
This map contains 2 game modes with previously created farms: standard mode and multiplayer mode.
There are already many factories installed here, which, unlike the factories on the base maps of the game, you can sell and buy when you need them.
The card is compatible with all official DLC FS22.
Custom Lime textures from JMZ are pre-installed.
Compatible with the Manure System mod. PC Only
Multi angle.
It is ready for "Precision Farming".
Premium DLC cultures are supported.
Modified crop destruction of several crops: wheat, barley, oats, rapeseed, soybeans and sunflower.
You will be able to sell all farm buildings except the farmhouse, which was excluded from this option for configuration reasons.
Different points of purchase / sale of livestock, each of them has its own animals to improve the gameplay.
You will need to supply your factories with empty pallets, which you can make yourself or purchase at a Farmer's Store for a higher price.

All Farms, barns, animal pens, factories, etc. will begin to come to life when you acquire ownership of the land on which they are located. As opposed to
As for the base game cards, this was done to improve the gameplay, as you can buy/sell them whenever you want.

Map contents:
- About 100 plots of land are at your disposal.
- 61 fields with a lot of grass missions.
- More than 20 preset factories.
- 3 different points of sale/purchase of livestock.
- Various logging areas.
- Canopies to be placed.
- A wide variety of buildings for storing all kinds of bulk products.
- Land with pre-installed wind and solar energy.
- 2 BGA.
- Edited animal pens.
- A wide range of points of sale of products.
- The quarry.
- Umbrella collection system for almond and pistachio trees.
- 4 new crops: chickpeas, lentils, almonds and pistachios.
- Custom-made machines for harvesting olives, almonds and pistachios.
- More than 40 new fill types.(Filltypes)
- Edited Animal Feeding.
- New pigs: Iberian breeding and fattening.
- Dairy sheep: Castellana and Assaf. (depends on the paddock)

Multi-user mode:
- 4 preset farms.
- A wide variety of canopies.
- Product warehouses and farms.
- 2 farms with a yard and a robotic feeder, edited with a nearby location and a parmesan cheese factory.
- 2 farms with a dairy sheep pen nearby and a Manchego cheese factory.
- The equipment has already been purchased.

Everything will start to come to life when you acquire ownership of the land on which they are located.

IMPORTANT: The Multiplayer mode is designed exclusively for creating a game in Multiplayer mode. You should know that if this multiplayer mode is run in a single player game, you will have vehicles distributed across different farms/locations that you will not be able to use.

Credits: erShaba


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