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Ebony Island is a fictional island off the coast of Great Britain. The island boasts a lush agricultural area set in rolling hills. The island offers something for everyone, and plenty of options to make it your own, it's perfect for small to medium sized equipment. The starter farm is an arable farm with minimal equipment for contract work.

* 7 farms located all over the map.
* 225 fields of all shapes and sizes.
* Alien Jim cut hedges make it easy to merge fields.
* Mod overexposure Susneaks v1.3.
* Multiple barn types, custom animal pens, Lime station, walls and hedges in the build menu.
* All base game production points are spread across the map (configurable storage amounts for both input and output are also available in the build menu).
* 100 collectible toys can be found.
* forest areas.
* Ready for precision farming (custom soil map).
* Pens for cows, sheep and horses are ready for grazing.
* Animal feed and water corn plus done.

Credits: CavalierRoy


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