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The map was created solely on the basis of the author's imagination, what came to his mind - he transferred to the map. We hope that the invented card will not become an obstacle for you in order to spend hundreds of hours on it. The start of the creation of the map was on November 8, 2022. The development lasted until February 22, 2023. There are straight and angular fields on the map, and the latter are the majority. Mostly mountainous terrain, but there are also more flat areas.
On the map there are:
- 100 collectible items,
- 224 farmland,
- 190 fields, including 21 meadows,
- Pairs of forests,
- Very varied relief,
- Changed tree textures,
- Multiterrain (called 360° Soil),
- 2 farms, - A couple of plots for building a farm,
- New terrain drawings,
- Changed the textures of some cultures,
- Changed stubble values, as well as tire tracks,
- train,
- Biogas plant,
- Filling station,
- Animal dealer,
- Sawmill,
- Small gravel pit,
- Production,
- Machine Shop,
- Filling most reservoirs with water,
- Road and pedestrian traffic,
- About 6 purchases for grain,
- About 1-4 purchases for other crops,
- Polish license plates,
- Changed sowing dates,
- Changed lighting
- Customized map for precision farming
- And much more, check for yourself.
Changed in
Fixed some points:
- Removed spline at the stop
- Removed trees from the garage on the second farm
- Slot 106 can now be sold
- Fixed collisions on buildings
- Added purchase for: Furniture, Fabrics, Clothing, Cotton and another purchase of silos
- Fixed preview for other resolutions
  - Improved road signs (collisions disabled)
- Fixed some collisions
- Improved visual and gameplay aspects, such as uneven terrain
- Improved fertilizer/restriction maps, etc.
- Removed loads (white icons)
- Added new mods to required mods
- Fixed two farms (2 in 1)
- Removed werewolf sounds at night
- Moved the spawn of cars in the store
- Raised trees on farms
- Improved collectible items, now after finding a given category, collectible items appear in the store on the shelves
- Fixed most of the testrunner bugs
- And much more

Credits: Jankus


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