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Welcome to Card Vortolon!
Map features:
- The map has BR labels
- 1 large farm with all available animals, including NEW animals! (ducks also lay eggs).
- 1 farm for you to use your imagination!
- 46 purchasable lands and 35 with quests!
- 10 new crops on the map (millet, rice, rye, linseed, peas, black beans, carioca beans, garlic, onions, lavender) - Greenhouses with carrots, red cabbage, pumpkin, watermelon ....
- There are mods on the map for collecting certain crops.
- Limestone mine where you can buy limestone! It also has a patch of loose limestone!
- Animal dealer.
- Sawmill.
- Shop of vehicles.
- Sale of Fredyy bales.
- 5 grain selling points. (Joelcio grain, Macedo grain, Edmais grain, Trans Brasil grain, Nasfer grain).
- Factories! Such as the flour mill, Saboo oil, Libs juice production and import plant, Alambique da Roça producing kachacha, and others...
- There is a restaurant, a Seu Furico market, a bakery, among others...
  - Pedestrian traffic and active vehicles.
- Medium and large fields.
--- on the map there are signs with miserable mods partners!

Credits: Mizeraveis Mods


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