Black Mountain Montana v1.5.0.1 (1.13.x)
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Welcome to Montana, the land of the Big Sky. This map uses real terrain from the Great Plain area near Missoula, Montana.
Most of the map is a mountainous forest with a small amount of flat farmland in the northeast.
This is a map of forestry with limited agriculture.
There are cows, sheep, pigs and chickens on the map, and there are enough arable fields for one player to make a living farming.

- Two new crops of alfalfa and black beans
- Soy straw and corn straw, corn straw added to pigs and cows for feeding
- Several new types of filling, including coal, gravel, mud and others.
- Carpentry, tile making, stairs, prefabricated walls... PLEASE NOTE that the Platinum extension is required for them to work.
- The sawmill makes wood chips and bark, the bark is used for charcoal production or sale
- The farm is completely for sale
- 90% of fences can be sold
- Soybeans, sugar beets, potatoes and corn have new textures, soybeans in rows
- And much more...

Credits: Poorboy, Hoot


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