BallySpring v2.0.0.3 (1.14.x)
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Welcome to BallySpring for Farming Simulator 22! A fictional Irish map with 165 fields, mostly pastures with some arable fields. There are 9 farm yards to choose from.

- Custom animals: bulls, calves, goats, ducks and others;
- Multi-level corner of the earth;
- User traffic;
- Irish license plates;
- Custom seasonal growth plan with cotton and sugar cane removal;
- Overexposure is set;
- Custom sounds;
- Custom NPCs;
- - Multifruits;
- Road network built in Blender;
- All hedges have collisions;
- Removable fences;
- Production and points of sale;
- Precision farming is ready with a realistic soil map;
- Most things work only after the land is bought. Animals, silos, etc.

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In version (No new recommended!):
- Beetroot, carrot and parsnip have been added to the PLANTER FruitTypeCategory category for the multifruit versions of the map, which allows you to sow these crops with any seeders.
- Straw collection filling types have been added to the points of sale on the map with the same price multiplier as at the straw collection point of sale.
- Adjusted the price scale for points of sale for the WINDOW category.
- Added the possibility of high demand for all the main types of filling at each point of sale.
- The point of appearance of manure in a makeshift pigsty has been moved to the back of the barn to make it easier to shovel manure.
- Advanced animal loading trigger for a makeshift pigsty that goes out to the front of the barn.
- Pig farming has become the default filling plane for feeders in all pig farms on the map.
- Added support for the manure system in special versions of the Lizard MKS 8 and MKS 32 game tankers built into the map.
- Added a connection to the manure system connector on the manure pit, which comes with the card.
- Layers of information about the mud system can now be activated via an external mod. Players can now choose whether they want to play with the information layers of the mud system.
- Increased the height type limit for map versions without multifruits to improve compatibility with mods that add their own height types.
- Reduced the appearance of Garda cars in motion.
- Fixed CPU Mesh bug on D1000 bales of size 240. Because of this, the tension belts were not displayed on these bales.
- Carrots and parsnips can be harvested until February.

Authors: Irish_Conor, GlengarBoy, Dylan.C, 4D Modding, Rossco755, OxygenDavid, BulletBill, Farmer_Andy, Disturbed Simulations

Credits: Irish_Conor, GlengarBoy, Dylan.C


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