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Welcome to American Falls! You have a lot of work to do on this map! The previous owner once had a farm in Illinois called Stone Valley. He came here looking for work, and American Falls needed a farmer. So he was given a chance, and he did a great job. Local residents helped him wherever they could, and businesses liked to cooperate with him. And suddenly... he was gone. He sold all the equipment that belonged to the American Falls community, and with it the land. Fortunately, he didn't sell the trailer he once lived in. The American Falls community reported that you took over the management of Stone Valley and managed to put the farm in order. And your help is needed again! The reason you were brought here is because American Falls needs a wonderful farmer like you! Unfortunately, there is not enough money in the bank, they will only be enough to get started. There is no equipment, so you will have to fulfill local orders in order to gradually gain the trust of the residents. With the money you earn, you will be able to purchase new agricultural equipment and eventually buy back the land. Can you handle this task? Will you be able to regain the trust of the residents of American Falls? - All fields are fictional - Do not sell animal farms - The store gates will open before 9.00 am, but will open and close as usual after 8.00 am and close at 16.00. - Mud System { PC only - Floods in Fields - Floods on River Banks - Working Road Cat's Eyes { now Stay on Your Side of the road } - 4 x New Custom Crops { Alfalfa, rye, Flax and Clover} - 4D Modding - Eire Agri Modding Custom Slurry Textures - New Well-made Corn { corn crops } from Vepji FS - soybeans in rows - Starting from scratch and farm manager - Cows can produce manure - Pigs can produce manure - Added 12 custom objects for the farm - 8 points of sale - 1 point of sale of bales - 1 point of sale of logs - Alfalfa silage clamps added - Custom Oxygendavid lighting - PaintableField feature added - Brand new models developed by Lancyboi - AI Helper added - 50 fields - 4 forest zones - 2 productions added - Visual effects of the seasons - Collectibles - All lands acquired before the use of animals and farm plots

Credits: Lancyboi


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