Altkirch im Elsass v2.0.0.5 (1.14.x)
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Welcome to the Altkirch in Alsace. Many people remember it from FS19 and FS17, now you can play it in VS 22.
The map includes many industries and fields.
There is a work train.
Support for various mods (for example Precision Farming).

- 2 sawmills;
- 3 BGA;
- Production of pallets;
- Water purification;
- Power plant;
- And others.

32 cultures are registered (the maximum possible).

The Production Revamp mod is needed for the map to work.

Authors: RU Modding, Ifko, AndreasK85, FM Modding, Bauer Horst 

In version
- Added a greenhouse for strawberries (hosted);
- Strawberries are added as raw materials to the dairy and confectionery shop;
- Added strawberry milk and strawberry cake as new types of fillings;
- Water filter for water supply networks installed at the entrance;
- Expanded paper production => Now water filters are also produced;
- New two-car garage built in the main courtyard;
- The spinning mill has placed a new building;
- The distillery has placed a new building;
- Changes in the Premium Expansion DLC;
- Fixed water for animals;
- Fixed the fish food tray;
- The road system has been rebuilt, including splines;
- Terrain adjustments due to new roads;
- Adaptations to straw harvesting;
- Fixed a trigger on river water intakes => HELL did not draw river water on its own;
- Added parsnips and beets;
- The production of delicacies has been expanded by 6 lines.

Credits: RU Modding, Ifko


Download1.68 GB

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