Ackendorf 22 v2.0.0.0 (1.12.x)
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The popular card from Fs15 is now in Fs22.

- All factories are ready for purchase and sale
- Ready for Precision farming
- Factories are not points of sale
- There are 34 new pallets
- 5 new types of crops - carrots, onions, garlic, beets and alfalfa, which can only be harvested using a forage harvester
- 39 fields
- 32 corners of the earth
- 78 farmlands
- 20 plants
- 1 field of olives and 1 field of grapes
- 1 small farm, 1 large farm, 1 LU farm, 1 horse farm and a mega factory or timber sale (forest farm) are available for MP.
- 2 BGA
- LOU's farm has 1 BGA, 1 ground fruit storage, 1 granary, 1 pallet plant, 1 fermenter and 1 feed mill.
- other plants on the map Pallet production plant, cardboard factory, pellet production plant, 3 greenhouses, fertilizer plant, diesel fuel production plant, composter, seeds, greenhouse seeds and tree nursery
- Car washes with a new script thanks to Achimobil, TN47 and 112Tec
- Speed camera

In version
- Improved water display quality;
- The level system has been completely revised again;
- The butcher is adapted to the new animal system;
- New signs have been installed;
- The rabbit cage is built into a large yard;
- A slaughterhouse farm is installed on a large farm;
- A manure system has been installed;
- Added pedestrians in LU-Hof, hotel, pallet point of sale and greenhouses for more life on the map.

Credits: Agrar Land Modding, FrankGTB, Akita


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