A Travers Les Ages v1.0.0.0 (1.13.x)
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Hello everyone and welcome to "A Travers Les Ages", a small fictional map with a rustic and friendly atmosphere where you can enjoy relaxing and farming.
Perfect for playing alone or in pairs. You will start your career with 1 farmhouse with a functional silo on the farm, 1 small chicken coop, 1 field, as well as all the basic (used) equipment needed for your various agricultural work.
In addition, you will also have a small outbuilding with a farm and a small flock of sheep that you will have to take care of.
An additional farm with cows, stables, barns and outbuildings is available for purchase on the map.
The atmosphere and decorations are individual, fields of different sizes, hilly terrain, different points of sale and production are also available on the map, I will leave you the pleasure to discover the rest.

- 3 farms;
- 51 fields, including 8 purchased pastures;
- 4 purchased drills with the ability to turn them into placeable areas or other places;
- Points of sale and production;
- A dealership with an adjacent gas station, a livestock complex, a bale sale, a cooperative, etc.;
- The necessary mods are downloaded automatically.

Credits: Gizmo Modding


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