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This pack adds grid controls for round balers, you just need to enable the mod by adding the required information and following the text added in the comments in the xml files present in the "howToEditMods" folder. The round baler can be filled with net using a pallet with 12 rolls of net. The pallet is present in the pallet category of the store. Each bale is 2800 meters long and each bale is wrapped 8 times by default. After each bale is created, the round baler works to add net wrapping (requires the round baler to be operational). After the round baler has added the net, the bale can be unloaded. This pack includes: - Added mesh for round balers. - Added a new HUD showing the fill level of the grid. - Added a new tray with net rolls for refueling the round baler. - Added pallets with mesh rolls with designs from different brands - Added all standard round balers of the game, edited to work with the grid. - Added new store packs: "Net Wrap" here you can find all mods that work with mesh. - The mesh used is calculated based on the size of each bale Pallet with mesh rolls: Trademarks: Lizard, Claas, Kuhn, Kverneland, Poettinger and Vicon 12 mesh rolls 2800 meters of mesh per roll Price: 3.000 $ WARNINGS: - Always check the presence of the net in the round baler before using it. - Round baler does not work if there is no net REMEMBER: To use the grid for your round baler, you must follow the comments in the mod examples present in the "howToEditMods" folder. Finally, add this text to your modDesc file: "FS22_netWrap_addon" Changelog - Added compatibility with update 1.4.1 - Added compatibility with production point Changelog - Updated default mods with update 1.3. - Increased mod compatibility with balers

Credits: DD ModPassion


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TAGS:Addon, NET, Wrap, v1.4.1.0