Manure System v1.1.0.0
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The Manure System mod changes the entire gameplay associated with the introduction of manure. Feel what it really means to pump liquids, being a real farmer.
Use filling hoses to be able to pump water from open sources, such as: manure containers, lagoons and water sources.
Use a special docking lever to suck from the docking funnel or just use a suction hose.
With the suction hose, you can pump the liquid from the source to the target. If applicable, you can extend the liquid manure hose to cover a longer range.
Pumping does not always occur with full efficiency, the thickness of the manure reduces the pump performance, and the length of the hoses affects the pump operation time.

All standard cars are supported (and some have additional changes).

Slurry hose:
- Price: 150.

Fertilizer hose:
- Price: 300.

Stand-alone Stallkamp pump for easier fluid management. Use it to pump from source to target or vice versa 

Mod author: Wopster
Special thanks to VertexDezign and bm-modding for providing amazing resources!
Special thanks to JoPi for his contribution to the work on the script!
In version
- Fixed a bug with a visible player movement input action;
- Fixed position of the PnH tank connector, open 25 m;
- Added support for premium extensions;
- Improved compatibility with mods;
- Updated translations

Credits: Wopster


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